One Girl, One Boy, One Book Against the Forces of Evil

On her way to Maine, Maya, a not-so-ordinary girl, comes into possession of the extraordinary Book of Everything. The book is sentient and can provide facts about the past, present, and future. The book and Maya are being pursued by the man who doesn't smile. He belongs to a group that wants to suppress facts and spread lies for its own gain.

Another group, the League of Librarians, believes that facts do matter. Its mission is to protect the book. From the league, Maya learns that the book comes from a place called the Great Library.

The book takes Maya back in time, where she meets a boy named Andy. The book whisks Maya and Andy to another planet, where they become embroiled in a civil war. Will Maya and Andy be able to save the Book of Everything? And what, exactly, is the Great Library?

Coming this Fall

Library Lost
Book Two in the Great Library Series
by Laurie Graves

Maya, Andy, the Great Library. The story continues!

Laurie Graves

I write essays and fiction from my home in the Maine hinterlands. I also take pictures of flowers and nature. (In fact, I am a fool for flowers, and I never get tired of photographing them.)

For seven years, with my husband, Clif, I published and edited Wolf Moon Journal: A Maine Magazine of Art and Opinion.  You can find out about day-to-day life at the little house in the big woods at my blog Notes from the Hinterland .  It features posts about nature, rural life, food, and people.

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